Friday 13 January 2017 by Neil Tollfree

Jeremy Corbyn reminds everyone that he may be shit but he’s not evil

Jeremy Corbyn not evil

Jeremy Corbyn has emerged from his sixteen-week Christmas break to prove that he might be utterly shit, but at least he’s not evil.

Appearing in a series of interviews from Today to Good Morning Britain, the Labour leader took the chance to not only remind everyone what he looked like, but that he is basically a decent human being.

“NATO are a load of old balls,” claimed the Labour leader at one point, before saying something he didn’t believe about immigrants, and then stepping on the head of a rake and having the handle smack him in the face.

John Humphries on the Today programme asked him directly – “Are you completely shit or what?”

Mr Corbyn took a few moments to consider before responding.

“Well yes Barry, I mean – yes John. Yes, I am shit, but you have to remember that at least I’m not evil.”

Political pundit Simon Williams was impressed.

“I think it was a good move from Mr Corbyn. We have seen a shift in politics across the world from the right/left paradigm to the evil/shit paradigm.

“In Britain, we have the Tories firmly occupying the ‘evil’ side of the paradigm so by taking the opportunity to show everyone that being shit is better than being evil, Mr Corbyn may have got his head back in the game.”

Mr Corbyn is expected to continue his recent string of high-profile appearances by saying something daft about wage caps and then falling down a hole.

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