Study finds nation’s definition of healthy eating appears to be ‘not chips’

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An analysis of Facebook food photos posted in the first week of January suggests that the majority of Brits tend to define a healthy meal as ‘not chips’.

One post from user Simone Williams featured a bright pink smoothie and a bowl of honey-granola topped with berries. Her caption read “On a health kick! Getting my 5 a day done in 1 go #Delicious #NewYearNewMe”.

This meal, containing as much sugar as two mars bars, would certainly be delicious, but regular consumption means the ‘new you’ it would create would be a you with diabetes.

Another photo from user Jake Matthews captioned “Prepping for the week! Time to get rid of my spare tyre!” depicted five large portions of creamy pasta in takeaway tubs with a bit of salmon and half a lettuce leaf.

It is yet to be confirmed if Jake is trying to hide his spare tyre by simply building another one around it.

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Scientists also had great difficulty seeing the salad aspect of a tuna mayo salad posted by user Craig Smith.

It also took them a significant amount of time to detect any tuna in the topping. Despite its aesthetic uncertainty Mr Smith assured his Facebook friends “If my salads continue to be as banging as this I’ll be dropping a jean size in no time! #LeanIn2017”

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