Rolf Harris jury to be regularly asked if they know what the verdict is yet

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Jurors at Rolf Harris’ trial have today been told that if they know whether he is guilty or not they may shout out as soon as they know the answer.

The jurors have reportedly welcomed the fresh approach to the trial process, as it could mean that the case could be done and dusted by lunch time, instead of dragging on for weeks at the expense of the public who have had enough of celebrity sex scandals.

Anonymous juror Mr S.W. told court reporters, “What a great idea, it will make things interesting, and I’m sure Mr Harris will appreciate the little tip of the hat.”

He continued, “I have a feeling this won’t take very long, and there’s every chance we won’t even have to sit through all the evidence as it seems pretty clear we might be able to give it a good guess within a few seconds.

“We already know he was at the BBC during that period, and he’s a bloke of a certain age, so we’re all coming into this fairly confident we will be able to tell what the verdict is pretty quickly.”

He added, “Then I’ll be able to get home to watch some old repeats of Animal Hospital.

“Man, I love that show.”