Thursday 12 January 2017 by Neil Tollfree

Exclusive interview: Donald Trump loves fake news

Donald Trump loves Fake News

President Elect Donald Trump has made it clear that he is a huge fan of fake news.

In an exclusive interview with NewsThump that definitely happened, Mr Trump discussed the phenomenon.

“Let me first start my saying how much I enjoy NewsThump,” said the excitingly coiffured magnate.

“It’s definitely loads better than all the other funny news sites.”

He then went on to say how much he supports fake news.

“Fake news is terrific, it’s just terrific, I mean, all that stuff about Hilary? That was terrific, that she was involved in a paedophile ring underneath a pizza restaurant? Terrific.

“That the private email server made her corrupt? Terrific. Totally fake, obviously. Never happened. But I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

However, he revealed that he did have some misgivings about fake news in some circumstances.

“When it’s about me, not so good. If the fake news is about a rival in politics or business then that’s terrific, but if it hurts me then I’m not so much of a fan of it.

“Happily, most of the stuff that comes out about me, no matter how bizarre, is true so I don’t have a real problem with it.”

Specifically addressing the compromising video of Mr Trump’s bizarre urinary habits in foreign hotel rooms, he was unconcerned.

“There’s no problem there, no problem. Youtube has an explicit content regulation so that stuff’s not getting out.”

Concluding the interview that definitely happened, Mr Trump had one message.

“Keep reading NewsThump, or at least click through to the stories so they get the ad revenue.”

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