Wednesday 11 January 2017

Sharing of fake news should be limited to birth certificates, insists Donald Trump

Donald Trump

President-elect Donald Trump has called on the mainstream media to only share fake news when it relates to birth certificates he himself has questioned.

As Trump found himself the subject of unsubstantiated rumours on the Internet, he reacted by explaining it’s only fake news when he is the subject of the rumour.

He tweeted, “The media taking another shot at me. Sad. I was right about Obama’s birth certificate, and I’m right about this. Fake!”

Trump supporters themselves have been quick to denounce the new rumours, explaining that if it were true Trump would just come out and say it.

Chuck Williams told us, “He tells it like it is. If he really liked pissing on prostitutes, he would just tell us, obviously.”

“Or we’d  find out when he made it tax deductible.”

It is unclear as yet whether the allegations will affect the process of Trump transitioning to the White House.

A member of the Trump transition team told us, “What’s important here is that we all recognise that a lot of the news that is out there today is fake, absolutely fake.

“The only way to be 100% sure if something is true, or not, is to ask if you actually heard Donald say it himself.

“Yes, just like he did with Obama’s birth certificate.”

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