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Obama could still take our guns off us until next week, right? ask midwesterners

Gun control Obama

Smart firearm owners aren’t letting their guard down until they’re sure Obama has gone.

Gun owners, who are way too clever to be tricked by something someone just made up, intend to be ready for the ZOG Illuminati attempt to take their guns right up until Trump is inaugurated.

It is widely accepted this confiscation was only prevented by ceaseless vigilance from honest, gun owning Americans except for those rare moments when they let their guard down and accidentally shoot their own kids.

Obama, who has secretly yearned to confiscate everyone’s firearms and usher in an era of villainy over a powerless citizenry for the last eight years, has but a few days left to deploy the hundreds of thousands of highly-armoured troops which such a move would require – meaning militias across the nation are being extra-special vigilant.

Speaking from a top secret, firearm-packed location just outside Damascus, Virginia, member of the resistance Simon-Bob Williams told us he had learned from FreedomEagle.Facebook that Obamacare was a cover for a HYDRA-like takeover of the United States.

“They’re usin’ taxpayer dollars to build helicarriers and drones to take down true Americans who don’t hand over their guns,” he told us.

“But that’s all comin’ to an end now. Jes’ a few more days an ‘ I’ll be free again.

“I’ve spent the last six years in my dugout bunker because of what I done gone read on the internet about Obummer.

“Heh. You can’t fool ol’ Simon-Bob. He’s too smart for yeh!” he added before digging a slit latrine to shit in because running water has mind-control drugs in.

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