First victim of 2017 is ‘Saturday night TV’ as BBC tragically announces ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ chat show

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Comedy fans and lovers of weekend light entertainment shows are in mourning today after the BBC announced Mrs Brown is to front a live chat show on Saturday evenings on BBC One.

BBC Director of Comedy Simon Williams announced, “Mrs Brown’s Boys drew bewilderingly high number of viewers, despite being universally panned by critics, so here we are.

“We thought long and hard and concluded that drawing great masses of plebs to gawk at a man dressed as a woman delivering ‘gags’ and slapstick is far more important to us than critical acclaim.

“Therefore, despite my title of Director of Comedy, I am pleased to announce that Agnes Brown will be fronting a Saturday evening chat show called All round to Mrs Brown’s.

“I am confident that millions of simpletons will enjoy it, and many others might be just too lazy to turn it off when it comes on.

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“As long as we get good numbers tuning in to make up for the loss of Bake Off, we’ll be happy.”

The chat show, scheduled to air later this year, will feature celebrity guests, surprise audience shenanigans and outrageous stunts on a weekly basis, all fronted by Brendan O’Carroll’s alter ego and comedy black hole Agnes Brown.

Mr O’Carroll was not available for comment, with a close friend telling reporters he just had to pop out to giggle himself all the way to the bank.

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