Donald Trump appoints Hostess Cake as top advisor

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Donald Trump has appointed a Hostess Cake to a senior advisory position today, saying it looks ‘perfect for the role’.

The cake, which is a peculiar orange on the outside with a creamy white centre and a bright yellow topping, will advise the incoming President on trade and monetary policy, and is expected to chair key meetings with foreign leaders through the transitional period.

Critics have suggested that that Trump team all share a similar look, although the suggestion has been rejected by sources close to the future President who insist that several chocolate cupcakes will be present at meetings as refreshment.

“The President and the cake just hit it off immediately, and the two quickly developed a close relationship,” Trump team insider Simon-Bob Williams told us.

“He will often sit in meetings with the cake and stare at it; he says that he really sees something special in it and thinks it has the potential and looks to go all the way.

“Nobody can deny that in our administration the cream will rise to the top layers of government.”

Democratic opponents described the appointment as ‘half-baked’ and called Trump a complete pudding for thinking of such a crumby idea, but they were told that they lost and they should gateauver it.