Tuesday 10 January 2017

48 team World Cup to provide England with even more teams to finish behind

England World Cup 2026

FIFA has announced plans to extend the World Cup to include even more teams for England to embarrassingly finish behind.

With 48 teams to be involved in the tournament by 2026, fans are already excited about the prospect of an embarrassing exit to a side made up of part-time goat-herders.

FIFA spokesperson Simon Williams told reporters, “We saw the England v Iceland debacle in the summer, and we would like to see more of that hilarity on the global stage – so extending the planet’s premier football competition to 48 teams makes that a very real possibility.

“Who is to say that England won’t be knocked out by someone like Eritrea in 2026? I would also imagine your tabloids will have made you the favourites to lift the trophy in the run-up to the tournament, which will only add to the amusement for all concerned.

“Of course, we’re making a massive assumption that England will even qualify in the first place.”

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