Tesco customers advised to wear dressing gowns as well as pyjamas in cold weather

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Tesco shoppers have been advised to protect themselves in the cold snap by wearing slippers and a dressing gown as well as their pyjamas.

Customers at the store are known for their full and hectic lifestyles, and often don’t have the time in their busy schedules to change out of their jim-jams into a shirt or even underpants.

However, with a wave of cold weather due to hit Britain, concerns have been raised their usual attire may be insufficient to keep them warm for the walk across the car-park to the chips ‘n’ dips aisle.

“It’s important to us as a responsible retailer to make sure our customers aren’t affected by the cold when they’re out and about, which is why we’ve introduced a range of thermally insulated sleepwear for shopping expeditions in the expected icy conditions,” store manager Simon Williams told us.

“We expect our deluxe onesies lined with faux-real goose down to be a big seller amongst the afternoon-drinking demographic who make up such an important market sector for us.

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“They’re designed with an integral front pocket pouch which will hold up to three bottles of spirituous liquor or tubes of Pringles to save you the disagreeable chore of carrying a bag.”

“And the ones in adult sizes have the same features too.”

Staff at branches of Waitrose have been advised that should anyone turn up in pyjamas to one of their stores, they should lock the doors and hide behind the tills until they go away again.

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