Monday 9 January 2017 by Spacey

People saying Theresa May in denial about NHS crisis are in denial about Theresa May not giving a shit

Theresa May NHS denial

People claiming that Theresa May is in denial about the NHS crisis have been accused of being in denial about Theresa May not giving a shit.

The criticism comes after the prime minister rejected warnings from British Red Cross about hospitals facing a humanitarian crisis in an attempt to convince morons that everything is fine.

“To imagine for a second that the government care about the NHS is a second of complete delusion,” said expert in this sort of thing, Simon Williams.

“It’s all very well saying you’re providing additional spending, but it’s all a bit hollow when an investigation uncovered you’re keeping plans to cut hospital services a secret.

“Saying that Theresa May is in denial is as inaccurate as saying the government’s plans are doomed to fail.

“They’re not doomed to fail, they’re designed to fail.”

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