New TV talent show begins search for anyone with a remotely original idea for a TV show

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A new TV show is to launch this weekend to begin the search for Britain’s hottest creator of TV show formats.

Britain’s Hopefully Got Another Format will scour the four corners of the nation in the hope of finding someone, anyone who might have an original idea for a television show.

BHGAF producer Simon Williams told us, “We’re excited ahead of the launch this weekend, and we’re confident people will love the early rounds with all the terrible contestants pitching TV show ideas at which you can laugh condescendingly.

“The first pitches will be performed before celebrity judges who were once on a popular TV show format and who will hopefully be able to spot someone who can pitch an idea that doesn’t involve people performing in front of celebrity judges.

“When we get down to the last 32 it’ll be time for the mentoring bit, where our judges will have to make out like they know what they’re doing and filter out those contestants pitching ideas that involve being mentored by people who pretend to know what they’re doing.

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“Then we’ll get to the live shows, where ideas will be pitched in front of a live audience of bored television watchers desperate for anything to ignite their imagination.

“The winner will receive a contract that won’t be worth the paper it’s written on, before their idea is stolen and produced on a minor channel in a country like Holland leading to global syndication deal worth tens of millions of dollars to someone else, ensuring the format appears in every country on channels too lazy to create their own ideas.

“It’s going to be massive.”

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