Theresa May ‘absolutely clear’ about being unclear

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Theresa May has used her first TV interview of 2017 to insist in no uncertain terms that she is “absolutely clear” about saying sentences that lack any substance whatsoever.

Speaking on Sky News, Mrs May said: “Look, I want to be absolutely clear when I say my priority is to say things that in no way resemble an answer to the questions you’re asking.

“While it is important to say words like ‘Brexit’ or ‘NHS’ when I respond to you, it is essential that I do so in an entirely different context to the question you’ve asked.”

She also went on to say that she didn’t accept that things that are happening, are happening.

“I don’t accept that I’m sat here saying sentences that lack any meaning,” she said.

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“What I am doing, quite clearly, is making it clear that my priority as Prime Minister is to clearly set out with clarity what my position is on the issues that are important to Britain.

“I don’t think I can be clearer than that.”

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