Woman suspicious after her boyfriend has two showers in the same day

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A woman suspects her boyfriend is having an affair after he had two showers in the same day.

26-year-old Simone Williams from Kettering noticed the unusual behaviour in her boyfriend and immediately began to think of ways she could check his texts and Facebook messages.

Boyfriend Simon had a shower when he woke up yesterday morning, and again when he got home from the gym in the evening claiming that he had been ‘working hard after Christmas’ and ‘worked up a real sweat’.

“That was completely out of character for starters,” Simone told us.

“Going to the gym? Yeah, right, I bet he’s just been standing by the weights hoping they work by osmosis while staring at girls arses on the spinning machines.

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“My suspicion is completely justified. When he got in he put his shirt in the wash and turned it on instead of leaving it on the floor for the laundry fairies to do as usual.

“I ask you – what sort of man does that if he’s not got something to hide?”

Simone further justified her concerns by telling us he had started using some fancy soap that costs £10 a bar, with the lame excuse ‘that his mum gave it to him for Christmas’.

Having established reasonable grounds for suspicion, Simone has already checked her boyfriend’s emails, Facebook messages, friends list and texts eighteen times in the last 24 hours but as yet nothing untoward has emerged.

In breaking news, Simone has just discovered Simon has bought his second can of Lynx Africa in the last 12 months.

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