Donald Trump to prevent automation of jobs by deporting robots to Mexico

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President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to prevent American jobs being automated by deporting robots to Mexico.

Identifying ‘key American industries’ that need protecting –  including automotive manufacture, steelmaking and bending – the President-elect made it clear that foreign, job-stealing robots would not be tolerated in the USA from now on.

A spokesman for the incoming administration has stated that Korean, Japanese and German-built robots will also be removed from the country.

“It’s important that we only have American-made robots that don’t work and won’t take our jobs,” he said.

In a symbolic gesture, notorious robot Bender B. Rodriguez was fired over the new border wall from a gigantic cannon despite his claims that he’d never done a stroke of work in his life and nobody’s job was at risk from him.

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However, he admitted that claims Mexico had only sent their very worst had some merit in his case.

Supporters of the President have said that if people wanted their jobs stealing by automated job-thieves, they should have voted for his opponent, Hillary Cyclon.

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