I’d definitely trust Julian Assange over the FBI and CIA, confirms Donald Trump

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President-elect Donald Trump has decided to believe an Australian living in the London embassy of Ecuador, rather than his own intelligence agencies.

Assange said Russia was not the source of Wikileaks’ mass leak of emails from the Democratic Party, contradicting the claims of the FBI and CIA and countless other intelligence agencies.

However, the president-elect has said that when it comes down to it, he believes Julian Assange.

He told reporters, “Why would he lie about it? He has no reason to, none whatsoever.

“Yes, I realise the CIA and FBI have spent many tens of thousands of man-hours looking into this, and countless millions of dollars going through the evidence, but Julian Assange said Russia didn’t give him the leaked emails, so that’s good enough for me.

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“I mean look at him, how can you not trust that face?

“Who would you trust, that lovely trustworthy face, or the faceless intelligence agencies of the United States who have been looking into this for months.  It’s a no-brainer folks!”

Vladimir Putin was unavailable for comment, though sources claim a loud booming laugh was heard from his office.

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