Email from CEO about ‘successful year’ makes up for no pay rise, confirm employees

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Employees at a multinational corporation who won’t be receiving a pay rise in 2017, have been buoyed by an email from the CEO thanking them for their contribution to the company’s continued success.

The email listing all the achievements of the previous twelve months and details of the eye-watering profit the company has made, also warns of “uncertainty”.

“It is important to recognise that despite our ongoing success we should remain cautious during these uncertain times,” the email reads.

“Work a bit harder in 2017 and maybe, just maybe, future pay rises and bonuses won’t only apply to people who earn over £50k.”

Employee Simon Williams revealed his delight at receiving the email.

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“It’s great to hear that the company and its shareholders are doing so well,” he enthused.

“It’s also really considerate of them to warn us of uncertainty, because instilling in us the fear that our jobs aren’t secure is really motivating.

“I’m just grateful for what I’ve got.”

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