Night sky lambasted for looking ‘too Islamic’

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After a clear night over Britain, the night sky has attracted strong criticism for featuring symbols of Islam, such as a star and a crescent moon.

Britain First spokesman, Simon Williams, told us. “We regard it as potentially inflammatory, to say the least.

“The sky has been resident over Britain for many years, and as we enter 2017, we’d hoped that it would show some loyalty or acknowledgement that it was a *British* sky.

“It could have done this by displaying some appropriate symbol, such as the Union Jack or a large bulldog that looks over the country at night.

“Instead, in an act of flagrant provocation, it is displaying a large crescent moon next to the planet Venus which looks a lot like a star, if you ask me.”

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An online petition condemning the sky’s unpatriotic behaviour has already been signed by most of the members of Britain First who now claim to represent the will of the British people.

So far the sky has not responded to requests for comment, and Williams told us the group were now considering their next move.

“Some of the lads are, you know, pretty angry,” he said.

“Unless the sky acts soon I couldn’t answer for the consequences.”

Williams confirmed that there had already been isolated incidents of Britain First members shouting abuse at the sky, and admitted that “a few of the lads might have thrown a stone or two, but regrettably, due to gravity, the stones came back down and hit them on the head.”