Muslim leaders respond to increased hate attacks by leaving dictionaries on doorsteps of Britain First members

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Members of the Muslim community have chosen to fight hatred with kindness by carefully placing dictionaries at the doors of Britain First members.

The move comes in response to the increase in mosque attacks over the last year, including occasions where bacon and poorly articulated graffiti has been left at the scene to deliberately cause offence.

Muslim community spokesperson Mohammed Afzal told reporters, “We believe in free speech as much as anyone, but if these individuals are going to be racist and hateful, they could at the very least use proper English to do so.

“The last thing we want to do is offend these simpletons. Rather, we seek to help them towards a full grasp of the English language in order to further healthy discussions between people who hold different views of the world.

“And having a good peruse of a dictionary would help them immensely, I would imagine.”

Somewhat predictably, the unwanted gifts have provoked suspicion and anger in the Britain First world.

Head spokesmoron Simon Williams ranted on their Facebook page, “This is ARE cuntry, how dare this muslamic lot tell us we isn’t speaking proper English.

“Are fathers fought for are cuntry to stop this kind of mooslim brainwashing from happening. And they can’t force us to read these books coz are cuntry ain’t under Shania law.”

He concluded proudly, “We don’t need no books to tell us how to spell when we’ve got the Daily Mail and the Britain First Facebook page to reed.”