Jedward approached to perform at Donald Trump Inauguration

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Jedward have made a shock announcement on social media claiming that they’ve been approached to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The bubbly pop twins went on to say while they hadn’t always agreed with Trump’s policies and views, the impact of the post-Brexit weak pound on the cost of maintaining their legendary stock of hair products has left them short on cash, and they are currently mulling over the offer.

Trump is known to be a huge fan of the pair.

The deal is likely to have been brokered by his long-term friend and confidante Louis Walsh, who also suggested fellow losing X-Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson in recent days.

Stevi Ritchie is also said to have been put on alert after Trump was discovered to have followed him on Twitter.

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“People are saying I can’t find anyone to perform. Not true!”, tweeted Trump last night. “Jedward were number one on my list. Legends of the business – and of contemporary hair styling! Big influence!”.

Responding to a tweet accusing him of ‘scraping the barrel’, Trump replied “What? Why are you talking about barrels? Bizarre!”

With no firm commitments from any acts and time ticking toward the event on the 20th January, Trump is known to have taken up intensive kazoo lessons in a bid to be ready to perform himself if needs be, while Mike Pence is putting the finishing touches to a beatbox accompaniment.

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