All storms to be named after Victoria Wood characters

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As storm Miss Babs hits Britain, the Met Office has confirmed it will be followed by Storm Kimberley, Storm Freda and Hurricane Overall.

The move is a change from letting members of the public name storms, which always led to some twat suggesting ‘Stormy McStormface’ and thinking they were original and witty.

So the Met Office have confirmed they’ll just stick to ideas from someone who actually was original and witty and have done with it.

Concerns have been raised about what will happen when the office run out of characters to name storms after, but we were told that if there’s one thing that defined Wood’s career it was always getting plenty of repeats that nobody minded.

Speaking from the Met office, spokesman Simon Williams told us, “After the North takes a battering from Miss Babs, we think they’ll find it reassuring to learn they’ll be covered by six to eight inches of Kimberley before Gail sweeps in from the coast and soaks them to the skin.

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“It just all feels that much more homely and less worrying that way, don’t you think?

“Although we do admit some people might find it disconcerting to be told they’re going to be blown off by Mrs Overall.”