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Man has no idea what the word ‘legend’ actually means

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A man’s use of the word ‘legend’ to describe his friends, his partners cat, his motorbike and now Christmas indicates he hasn’t a clue what it means.

Other legendary things include the people who laid the new carpet on his stairs, someone who let him into traffic on the A635 and whoever it was invented Kinder Eggs.

39-year-old Simon Williams of Kettering started using the word ‘legend’ to describe pretty much everything when he saw it used on Twitter by a comedian who sometimes appears on the Dave TV channel and hasn’t stopped since.

However, he has recently started elaborating on his use of the word by calling things ‘ledge’, ‘well ledge’, and ‘ledgerino’.

“I asked Simon what ‘legend’ actually means when he said our new sofa was ‘a bit of a legend, really’,” his wife Simone told us.

“And he just stood there with his mouth open for about thirty seconds before suggesting it meant something dead good and really comfortable, that matched the curtains.

“Which didn’t make sense at all given he’d just picked up my cat and told me that Mr Snufflepants was a complete legend.

“He’s not comfortable and he definitely doesn’t match the curtains,” she added.

When told, Simon is understood to have said to his friends that he’s well made up to have featured on that NewsThump site, as they’re a bunch of ledges.

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