Curse of 2016 claims some homeless bloke apparently

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Tributes are pouring in after unnoteworthy homeless man, ‘Mad’ Simon Williams, froze to death in a London park.

Williams, 34, was sleeping rough in sub-zero temperatures due to emotional problems he developed following the death of David Bowie.

The former IT worker and Star Wars fan has been rocked by a series of traumatic celebrity deaths that have left him unable to hold down a proper job.

However, the untimely death of Prince is believed to be the thing that tipped him over the edge.

Williams became a familiar sight in Victoria Park, where he was routinely urinated on by members of a society that have definitely got their priorities right.

Last night BBC News 24 interrupted its rolling 72-hour coverage of the undoubtedly tragic deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher to put Williams’ death into some kind of context.

Meanwhile, homeless people across the UK paid tribute to a man who was generous with his cigarettes and the fifty grand a year he earned from begging.

Fellow rough sleeper, Uncle Albert, said, “The deaths of David Gest and Paul Daniels hit him particularly hard.”

If you’ve been affected by Simon’s death, maybe you could help these folks.