Artist who made Sgt Pepper montage of 2016’s dead celebrities hospitalised with exhaustion

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The man who created a montage of 2016’s dead celebrities in the form of the Beatles Sgt Pepper album cover has been hospitalised with exhaustion.

The artist known on Twitter as @ChristtheBarker who created the montage earlier this year has had to quit his job and has lost sleep with the continuing demands of updating the montage on an almost daily basis as yet further beloved celebrities die.

He was hospitalised earlier after neighbours reported hearing screams of ‘Not f**king Princess Leia, I’ve only just put f**king Nana off Royale Family in’.

He originally created the montage in November and immediately had to redo it to fit Leonard Cohen in, he was then just finalising the image as news of Andrew Sachs’ death was reported.

Finally complete, it is understood that @ChristtheBarker was looking forward to a nice Christmas off, safe in the knowledge that he had created a touching tribute to those we lost in 2016.

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He was on his 4th mince pie on Christmas Eve when news of Rick Parfitt’s passing broke and he was forced back to his image.

Christmas Day proved no break due to the tragic death of George Michael followed on Boxing Day by actress Liz Smith.

Finally, actress Carrie Fisher dying on the day after Boxing Day is understood to have broken him.

Under Doctor’s advice, no one is telling ChristtheBarker that Lemmy, who is central to the montage, actually died in 2015.