Woman passes online IQ test by not clicking on it

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A woman has proved herself to be of considerably above-average intelligence by not bothering to click on an online IQ test today.

The test, shared by one of her friends, was titled ‘How smart are you? Only a real genius can get this test right!”, which she then proved correct by ignoring it entirely and getting on with her day.

Experts have agreed that this demonstrates Simone Williams, 31, is way smarter than most people – many of whom are click-addled drones who could easily be outsmarted by jam.

“It was obviously just a pile of clickbait shit,” Simone told us, candidly.

“My mate who shared it said ‘This shows I’ve an IQ of 153!’.

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“Yeah, and so has my Golden Retriever. That grabs anything you tell it to as well.

“The only intelligence test which involves giving McDonald’s meals a numerical value and then trying to work out what they add up to is the one you don’t do.”

Designers of the test admitted that in reality they’d never found anyone doing their test scored higher than 87, but being honest about that doesn’t get the advert clicks.

In related news, Stephen Fry has just shared an IQ test to his timeline showing that he’s as clever as anything.