Lower Bottom village Hat Museum staff stage walkout

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The pretty Wiltshire village of Lower Bottom has been left reeling after staff at its renowned hat museum joined Southern Rail staff, post office workers, Argos drivers and various air workers in staging industrial action.

The Lower Bottom village hat museum is expected to remain closed for the next 2 days, but visitors may still be able to see several hats displayed in the window

“We are sick and tired of the attitude of the Lower Bottom village financial committee and their continuing contempt for the workers at this great hat museum,” said Simon Williams, a retired Colonel who collects the entrance fees and dispenses the little hat museum stickers to show you’ve paid.

It is understood that staff at the museum have had several requests for a budget for batteries for the digital radio refused.

“It’s £3.99, that’s all we ask.”

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However, the village financial committee claims that they’ve offered a perfectly good transistor radio that plugs into the mains.

“But Mrs Alfree who makes the tea likes to listen to Iggy Pop on 6music and you can’t pick that up on the transistor,” said Colonel Williams.

“These people are just politicians with no idea what it’s like here at the coal face.”

The strike is said to be rock solid with Colonel Williams, Mrs Alfree, and Stumpy Dave who does the bins prepared for a prolonged dispute.