Simon Williams to appear on I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!

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Fictional Internet character Simon Williams is to appear on I’m a Celebrity because he’s more famous than some of the real people they get.

Simon, who was invented to fill a need for a fictional moron to say stupid crap in phoney news stories, is now sufficiently real that he has more of a presence in the public mind than many previous contestants.

I’m a Celebrity is regarded as televisions’ most desirable reality show for vapid nonentities to humiliate themselves to fulfill a desperate, lonely need for recognition, and Simon was regarded by producers as a ‘key catch’ for the 2017 series.

“Let me give you some names”, I’m a Celebrity producer Simon Williams said to us.

“Megan McKenna, Charlie Hughes, Gemma Collins, Sam Thompson, Simon Williams.”

“Now tell me which of those are real people you’ve heard of, and which of them are fictional people I’ve just made up. You can’t, can you?

“But they’re all celebrities now, one way or another. They all count. Even the ones that don’t exist. By the way, you are dead and this will be your hell for all eternity.”

Producers then admitted that they’d just made Megan Mckenna up but she came into physical existence following a hilarious mix up featuring a packet of Silly Putty and a copy of the Necronomicon.

Simon will be joined in the jungle by a selection of other famous-but-fictional characters whose career needs a boost including Moomintroll, Professor Yaffle, Professor Flitwick and Honey G.