Brexit Bus receives Golden Globe nomination for ‘Best Special Effect’

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The Brexit Bus has been made favourite for the special effects Golden Globe after those behind it convinced millions of people that what was written on it was genuinely real.

The slogan-emblazoned red bus has been invited to the Golden Globes at the star-studded ceremony in January after its stunning use of cutting edge ‘word technology’ led millions into genuinely believing that a fictional £350m given to the EU every week could be given in its entirety to the NHS instead.

Special effects expert Simon Williams said “Looking back on it, it was one of the most remarkable special effects I’ve ever seen.

“When examined in isolation, the message it carried was so obviously flawed and unrealistic, and yet when used within the context of the campaign many we able to suspend their disbelief long enough to be swept along not only to believe it, but also to actually act upon it.

“You know, rather than merely accepting it for the far-fetched make believe bollocks it actually was.

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“It was sort of like when you show a five-year-old a Harry Potter film, and due to the impressive use of special effects they proceed to run around pretending that wizards and spells actually exist.”

He added, “And then they grow up and realise how embarrassing it was to believe in such a thing. Sort of like that.

“But with slightly larger cost implications than an embarrassing photo of you sat astride your mum’s broom.”

The bus in question was unavailable to comment, but even if it had been no-one with any sense would have believed anything it said.

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