Tuesday 13 December 2016 by Tom Moore

Trump team admits failure to deliver ‘Brexit plus’ after hate crimes rise a ‘disappointing 110%’

Trump to deliver Brexit Plus levels of hate crimes

Donald Trump’s promise to deliver ‘Brexit plus’ including a wave of hatred and economic uncertainty that swept the UK after the June 23rd referendum result, is already being broken, according to a report published today.

The Trump administration is facing its first real challenge after the report confirmed incidents of hate crimes only rose by 110% in the New York area, and the dollar failed to plummet wildly.

Donald Trump has once again turned to his political ally, Nigel Farage, for advice.

“Listen, we saw some amazing things in those first few weeks after Brexit,” explained Farage.

“The pound crashed, Muslims were abused in the street, there were liberals crying outside parliament. It was a great moment for our country.

“But we’ve got a solid plan to get things back on track” he added.

“Trump has agreed to do a full 180 on his strategy and actually follow through with some of his campaign promises.

“That should get things going.”

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