I won’t attend security briefings until they stop saying bad things about my friends, insists Donald Trump

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Donald Trump is refusing to attend security briefings because he can’t stand listening to people saying rude things about his friends, according to reports this morning.

It is usual for the President to receive daily intelligence briefings about threats to America, but Trump has declined the opportunity as he objects to hearing people he refers to as ‘the best’ being slighted.

Resorting to Twitter, the President-elect announced that “A lot of people are saying White House security briefings are untrue and unfair! Failing CIA! Bad!

“If the CIA were any good they’d have their own hit reality TV show!” he added.

White House insiders say that when Trump attended his first briefing, he became ‘visibly agitated and aggressive’ after Intelligence operatives outlined the threat posed to US security and infrastructure by hacking attacks believed to emanate from Russia.

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He then became abusive when analysts began to run through known white supremacist terror groups operating inside the United States.

After instructing the Secret Service, FBI and CIA to prepare security briefings which focused more on the real enemy, such as SJW’s, special snowflakes, cucks and the DNC, Trump said he’d get everything he needs from a more impartial and fair source of news like Russia Today until they get their act together.

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