Foreign Office official Christmas card is Boris Johnson doing a moonie

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The Foreign Office has made a bold and unlikely choice for their official Christmas card; a picture of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson dropping his trousers and pants and bending over to expose his naked rear end.

The move follows the offices of Tim Farron and Theresa May both opting for a local child’s picture and Labour choosing a white dove, though the Foreign Office defended the unusual choice of image.

“We wanted to do something that really captured the spirit of the Foreign Office under Boris Johnson,” said a spokesperson.

“We thought a picture of Boris throwing up in a bin, or kicking a migrant right up the pants – we even had a cracking picture of him surreptitiously wiping his nose on a French flag at an official function that would have worked brilliantly.”

However, despite the myriad options available, it was considered that the picture of Boris Johnson’s bare backside was the most suitable.

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“I think it sums up so much about Boris,” continued the spokesperson.

“His attitude to the other countries he visits, to his own Government itself, and to the people of this great country.

“Boris has metaphorically showing his arse to everyone through his words and actions for many years, and now he gets to do it literally in the form of a Christmas card.”