Donald Trump awarded Nobel Peace prize after pledging to drone-strike fewer people than Barack Obama

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The Nobel Prize committee has awarded Donald Trump the Peace Prize after he pledged to use fewer drone strikes than Barack Obama.

The committee was criticised eight years ago when they made the award to Obama for doing nothing at all, and felt they were safe giving it to someone who has promised to do even less.

Giving the award, King Harald of Norway explained that ‘killing fewer people’ was technically more peaceful, and as they’d given Obama the award based on no evidence at all there was no reason to stop now.

“I hear when Labour left power in Britain, they left a note saying ‘There’s no money left’,” said Trump.

“Well, when I met Mr Obama the other day, he said the same thing but about Hellfire missiles. He’s used ’em all up. Gone, the lot of them.

“So when I said I won’t drone strike so many people, I actually meant I’m just not going to be able to.”

Reports indicate that the Trump administration may be in line for the Nobel prize for Economics after noticing that Reaper Drones cost $28m a go and just by using fewer of them they can spend less money.