Monday 12 December 2016 by Nick Kay

Tickets for school nativity play only available via Ticketmaster

School Nativity tickets only via Ticketmaster

Parents up and down the country have expressed outrage after Ticketmaster secured the exclusive rights to sell tickets to all of this year’s school nativity plays.

The new contract will see the free nativity play tickets being sold on Ticketmaster for £15, in order to cover the service charge, Order processing fee and facility fee.

Head of Westfield primary, Simon Williams, said, “Unfortunately, this is the only way to make it a level playing field for all families.

“Over the last few years, we’ve had one grandparent die and two others suffer serious pneumonia after spending two days queuing up for tickets to ensure better seats for the parents.

“We really do have no alternative but to go with Ticketmaster.”

Disgruntled parent Lisa is livid at the new ticket purchase process.

She told us, “I work for a living, so I don’t have time to sit there at a computer constantly pressing refresh when the tickets go on sale.

“Now all the benefit scroungers and single parents will be able to snap up all the best tickets because they don’t have anything better to do.  This is why I voted to Leave.”

Ticketmaster has defended the new arrangement, with a spokesperson explaining that “we are the leading provider of internet-based box-office ticketing software and services, and as such, we are the perfect partner for those venues looking for an innovative nativity ticketing solution.

“And if you’re not willing to pay us £15 to watch your kid fluff his single line, then you clearly don’t love them enough.”

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