Office full of insufferable arseholes now has massive, outdoor Jenga set

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An office full of insufferably bearded arseholes, who don’t have to wear suits and spend their days drinking ChoccaMoccaLatteCalafragalisticExpealaccinos has had a massive Jenga set installed in the garden outside their building.

Frantic Calm, a company that does ‘design and shit’ according to its website, had the Jenga set installed over the weekend.

“Yeah, here at Frantic Calm, we like, don’t really believe in the concept of work,” said insufferably bearded arsehole Simon Williams, insufferably.

“It’s more about the guys coming in and, like, chilling for a bit and, like, sometimes, you know, something great happens.

“And if massive Jenga can help that process then that’s, like, awesome.”

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Since the company’s inception two years ago, Frantic Calm have accumulated four pinball machines, six video game consoles, an indoor climbing wall, a swingball, a Speak and Spell and a Big Trak.

“They’re such a bunch of pricks,” said Eleanor Gay, who works over the road at an insurance company where she has to wear smart clothes and actually work for a living.

“All they do is play boggle and draw on the wall, and they won’t employ you unless you have a big beard, which is really mean.”

It is thought that Frantic Calm will spend the next week having a massive Jenga competition and then are considering doing some actual work for an hour or so next Monday.

The bastards.

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