Monday 12 December 2016 by Davywavy

New hacked documents show Russia definitely didn’t hack the US Election, claim Wikileaks

Wikileaks Russian hack

Wikileaks has published thousands of documents which totally prove Russia does not hack the US.

The unverified documents, which are alleged to have been sourced from a variety of top secret servers within US Intelligence Agencies, appear to show Russia is ‘completely innocent’ of any wrongdoing.

Many of the documents have been substantially redacted, with what remains showing only what might be generously interpreted as a half-hearted repudiation of Russian involvement.

When asked about the redacted documents Wikileaks told us they were nothing of interest and we shouldn’t worry about it.

Wikileaks declined to share the source of the documents, but strongly denied they’d come from anywhere near Savushkina Street in St Petersburg – which was odd as we hadn’t even mentioned that as a possibility.

We interviewed American voter Simon-Bob Williams, who thought Bernie Sanders was too left wing to be President but was oddly unconcerned that the former head of the KGB picked the guy he ended up voting for.

“You can’t trust what the mainstream media tell you,” he said.

“You can only learn the truth from unsourced and unverified websites and YouTube channels. They tell you the real, objective truth.

“If Wikileaks says Vladimir Putin didn’t interfere with the elections, that’s good enough for me.

“Wake up, you easily-duped cucks!”, he added, with an ironically predictable lack of self-awareness.

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