Monday 12 December 2016 by Spacey

Government plan to increase council tax to fund social care is ‘great news’, say corporate tax avoiders

Tax avoiders happy with rise in council tax

Plans by the government to allow local authorities to increase council tax bills in order to fund social care have been lauded by people who can afford to help pay for it but avoid doing so.

After promising that corporate tax avoiders will pay their fair share, Prime Minister Theresa May has chosen instead to ensure that the costs of social care are covered by people already struggling to make ends meet.

“When I said I’d focus on those who were just about managing, it’s not my fault that people didn’t realise it was a threat,” she said.

Mrs May went on to defend the government’s record on ensuring the UK’s wealthiest pay their taxes.

“My government is committed to saying that we will tackle tax avoidance,” she insisted.

“We have said more about ensuring the wealthiest pay their fair share of tax than the last Labour government did in thirteen years of power.

“As long as I’m prime minister we will keep on saying that the wealthiest pay their fair share.

“There you go, I’ve just said it again.”

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