Daily Express hail Ian Brady as a ‘child killer of the people’

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After criticising Remainers for trying to “block the people’s vote”, The Daily Express have hailed Moors Murderer Ian Brady as a ‘patriotic child killer of the people’.

Brady will continue his new role as a political pundit on this Thursday’s Question Time, and the murdering Brexiter said he won’t be expecting an easy ride from the “liberal elites at the biased BBC”.

“You can bet your life there won’t be many twisted serial killers in the audience,” he fumed.

“If there are then they’ll just be shouted down by the BBC’s cherry-picked anti-murder luvvies.”

The BBC has found itself under increasing pressure for giving a platform to far-right extremists, and allowing one of the UK’s most notorious killers on its flagship debate programme is likely to spark further controversy.

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“The BBC need to think carefully about who they are giving platforms to and the impact that it has on society,” said new One Show host Tommy Robinson.