Everyone’s Facebook 2016 review film a harrowing nightmare of death and political idiocy

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Angry Facebook users are criticising the social media giant for creating retrospective 2016 videos.

The videos, which went live for all users earlier this morning, featuring a non-stop barrage of popular celebrities dying and various political disasters.

“Who on earth thought that creating a 2016 video was a good idea?” said furious Facebook user Eleanor Gay.

“Everyone I liked died, and millions of idiots voted for very stupid things. I never, ever want to think about it again, let alone watch a bloody video about it.”

The Facebook film is made up of individual users’ own posts from 2016.

“Exactly. That’s even worse,” continued Ms Gay.

“So not only doing I get to be reminded of Brexit and David Bowie dying, but also when I wet myself on a Southern Rail train that had been delayed for three and a half hours, and that time my bastard ex posted a picture of his new girlfriend to my timeline.

“For God sake, it’s 2016. Nothing good happened to anyone anywhere, and the last thing humanity needs is to be reminded of it.”

It is understood that Facebook originally attempted to include only positive moments in everyone’s film, but the plan was abandoned after the average film length was three seconds.