Monday 5 December 2016

Apple’s self-driving electric car to suddenly die when battery shows 30%

Apple Electric Car

After Apple revealed it is working on a self-driving electric car, fans of the brand said they are excited about the prospect of the car shutting down when it says there is 30% left on the battery.

Leaked documents show the tech giant is working on the self-driving vehicle to compete with the likes of Tesla and Ford, though experts claim that their years of development in user experience and in battery technology could give them the advantage.

Tech journalist Simon Williams told us, “Anyone who has ever owned an Apple device will know the feeling of checking your battery to see you have plenty left just moments before it shuts down.  It’s that thrill-a-minute experience the others will struggle to match.

“If you’re on a trip to meet the in-laws, imagine the excitement of not knowing if you’ll actually make it, or if you’ll be begging to borrow someone’s charger by the side of the road.

“I would also expect Siri to come on leaps and bounds, with a request to drive to you to the supermarket met with the scenic route to your Mum’s house.”

Apple spokesperson Chuck Matthews said consumers should be excited at the prospect of an Apple car.

He told reporters, “We will obviously be following the tried and tested method of Apple product releases of the past, and also adopting our stated policy of market disruption.

“Our car will definitely surprise a lot of people, not least in that it will have no wheels and cost a quarter of a million dollars.”

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