Meat Loaf regrets not doing that for love

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As Meat Loaf prepares for the 2017 opening of his Bat out of Hell musical in the West End, he has been speaking of his regret that he decided against doing that for love.

“With hindsight, I’m not sure why I wouldn’t do that,” said Mr Loaf.

“I mean, I would do anything. Literally anything for love, so I really couldn’t tell you why I wouldn’t do that.

“Do I regret it? Sure I regret it, if I could go back now and do that for love then, of course, I would.

“It’s for love, you know?”

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Meat Loaf famously declined to do that for love in his number one rock epic from 1993, and initially stood by the sentiment in the song, saying in 1998 that he would ‘never do that for love, nuh-huh, no way’.

However in recent years his stance seemed to have softened; in a 2005 performance, he changed the lyrics of the song to ‘but I might do that,’ and in a 2010 interview, asked if he would still not do that for love, he simply smiled sadly and asked to move on.

Mr Loaf also took this opportunity to reveal exactly what the long-debated ‘that’ that he wouldn’t do for love actually was.