Saturday 3 December 2016 by Luke Graves

Donald Trump defends Taiwan phone call insisting he was just trying to order a Thai take away

Trump calls Taiwan

The President-elect broke four decades of US foreign policy today when he called Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-Wen to order himself a Thai take away.

When asked if he thought his actions would upset China he replied, “Why would they be upset? I had Chinese food only two nights ago.”

He was further pushed on the ‘One China Policy’ to which he added “Is that what the restaurant is called? I’m new to Washington.”

Asked about her phone conversation with President-elect Trump, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen admitted, “I spoke to President Trump and Taiwan are very interested in building a new relationship with the US.

“To show our commitment, we have sent him the Thai fried rice and green curry that he requested.”

She also admitted that “He did at one point ask me what I was wearing, I just assumed he has an interest in our traditional clothes.”

The White House is yet to confirm reports that because the food took so long to arrive the Trump administration has put Thailand on a terrorism watch list.

Supporters of Donald Trump, confused by their President’s actions, have started an online petition titled ‘Hamburgers First – Make America’s food great again’ with an appeal to ban all ethnic cuisine from America.

Scared that their new leader may have gone off the rails, many have started to build walls around Mexican restaurants in Washington.

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