So it’s definitely OK to ask our chosen God for help with government decisions, Sadiq Khan asks PM

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Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has thanked Prime Minister Theresa May for clarifying that it’s ok to be guided in your political career by your choice of deity.

After the prime minister explained that she often uses her Christianity as a way of clarifying her thoughts on government policy, other religious politicians have been keen to insist they be allowed to do the same.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan told reporters, “It’s strange, as I would ordinarily have said that religion should stay out of politics, but if the Prime Minister says it’s ok for God to guide her decisions, then I suppose I will just have to let Allah guide mine.

“I don’t see why anyone would have any problem at all with that, do you?”

Christian voter Simon Williams said it was only OK for God to guide your decisions if you happen to have chosen the correct God.

“Otherwise you could end up being guided by one of those blowy-uppy ones,” he explained.

“When Theresa May said that God helps her, she didn’t mean that one, or that one, or the thousands of other ones, she meant the right one, obviously.

“Yes, of course that’s a perfectly logical position to take, shut up.”

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