Remainer starts the fightback by changing Twitter profile pic to EU flag

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A Remain voter is making a stand against the referendum result in no uncertain terms by selecting as his twitter profile picture of the EU flag.

Until recently Simon Williams, a qualified beard topiarist from Brighton, had as his profile picture a snowboarding man in mid-jump that may or may not have been Mr Williams.

“Yeah, like, I just sort of realised that we don’t have to take this. You know, us, the people, can rise up against the whole, like, Brexit nightmare and totally fight back.

“So I’m changing my profile picture to an EU flag, and I say to everyone who believes in not giving in to the racism and, like, ignorance at the heart of the whole Brexit thing; change your Twitter profile pics to an EU Flag!

“If we all do it then there’ll just be, like, loads of EU flags on Twitter, and no one can ignore that.

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“Also, I’ve got two-for-one on beard oil. DM me.”

Eleanor Gay, a Brexit supporter, remained unconvinced.

“Well, look, I’m always happy to listen to an opinion that’s different to mine and perhaps learn something new,” she said.

“But changing your profile picture to an EU Flag and expecting it to make a difference?

“What a cock.”

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