Satire writers massively overestimating how interested people are in Brexit

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Britain’s satire writers are way more interested in Brexit than the average member of the population, studies have shown.

The government is concerned that satire, which is expected to be one of Britain’s few remaining productive industries after Article 50 is triggered, has become overly focused upon one subject that has been done completely to death.

Valuable satirical opportunities in sport, international politics and popular culture are being missed due to the focus on Brexit, and Trade Secretary Liam Fox described online satirists as getting ‘lazy and fat’ and missing out on a world of subjects because of their obsession.

“It seems that every second article has a photoshopped picture of a bus on it, or features the word ‘brexiteer’ or ‘remoaner’,” said Brexit secretary Simon Williams.

“It’s a real concern that such an important British industry as piss-taking has got so complacent and serves only one sector of the market when there are so many other possibilities out there.

“To address this, our government will set up a National Joke Bank, which will invest up to five-hundred-million articles about cats, recent films, and whimsical pieces about who will present the next series of Bake Off, which also seem to be inexplicably popular amongst satire writers.”

However, satirists are unimpressed by the proposal and have pledged to write a piece about how they won’t believe it until they’ve seen it written on the side of a bus.

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