Prince Adam of Eternia accused of He-Mansplaining

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Prince Adam of Eternia has been telling She-Ra how to care for her winged horse all afternoon and it’s really winding her up.

She-Ra, who is a princess in her own right with considerable experience in the care of winged magical steeds, mentioned to Adam that her horse was ill and got a four-hour lecture on how to help it recover.

Adam continued to talk over the princess despite only owning a cowardly green tiger and having no experience in caring for a Pegasus.

“It’s nice that Adam wants to help and stuff, but I’ve led a successful defensive war against a technologically superior foe whilst all he has done is punched costumed weirdoes and given his pet tiger PTSD,” She-Ra told us.

“I’ve cared for Swiftwind for years, and Adam has never even owned a horse, but he still knows better than me about them.

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“I finally lost it when he told me that I should feed Swiftwind a nosebag full of straw to ‘get her insides moving’. Pegasi don’t even eat straw. They have a rainbow and pixie dust diet.

“That’s when I threatened to stab him with my magic sword.”

When asked, Prince Adam said that he was genuinely trying to help and maybe if She-Ra stopped being such a bitch about it, she might learn something.

“She’s just got real issues”, he told us.

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go and tell the Sorceress how Castle Greyskull works. I know she’ll appreciate it.”