Chances of your information being stolen are better than 1 in 14 million, lottery players told

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After the theft of data from the National Lottery website, online players have been told that the chances of them losing their bank details are better than winning the lottery

This morning a statement was issued by Camelot, the owner of the National Lottery, following the hacking of customer accounts.

“We noticed suspicious activity on about twenty thousand accounts.  That is to say, even more suspicious than a grown adult willing to spend money on something as phenomenally unlikely as a lottery win.

“Anyway, we want to reassure our customers that due to our excellent security, having your bank account cleaned out will never happen either.

“At least not by fraudsters. When do we start filming?”

Lottery player Simon Williams told reporters, “I’m not worried about my bank details.  I mean, 1 in 14 million.  That’s almost impossible isn’t it?  That’s about as likely as me getting hit by lightning. 

“On an unrelated note the jackpot is now a mere 1 in 14 million chance.  I can’t afford not to!”