Eric Bristow now favourite for Sports Shitty Personality of the Year 2016

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Bookmakers have darts player Eric Bristow the red-hot favourite for the little-coveted Sports Shitty Personality of the Year award 2016.

Bristow became the favourite after letting all six of his remaining brain cells persuade his chubby little fingers to type ignorant, hateful and idiotic messages regarding victims of historic sex abuse on Twitter.

Criticising all the footballers who have shown immense courage by revealing they were childhood victims of sexual abuse, the flatulent prick posted messages on Twitter labelling the men ‘wimps’ for not doing anything about the trauma they had been through – thereby showing the entire world what an absolutely abhorrent personality he possesses.

Simon Williams, head organiser of the Sports Shitty Personality of the Year, told reporters “These footballers are incredibly brave and universally supported, and recognised for having the strength to come forward in the way they have.

“But this prick has shown what an unfeeling wanker he is by tweeting his outdated, stupid opinions about ‘wimps and pooftas’.

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“Maybe he was doing it to gain a bit of media exposure, because, well, he hasn’t been famous since people were impressed by a Soda Stream.

“Or maybe he really is the nasty, stupid cockwomble he comes across as, and genuinely believes what he wrote.

“Either way, this places the darts wanker as the top nomination for Sports Shitty Personality of the Year 2016 and to be honest, he will take some beating.”