Monday 28 November 2016 by Tommy Charles

Paul Nuttall begins first day as UKIP leader by preparing resignation speech

Paul Nuttall, UKIP leader, resignation

Following his announcement as the new leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall is said to be already putting the finishing touches on the resignation speech he will deliver in a few days’ time.

Mr Nuttall beat challenger Suzanne Evans to become the new leader and immediately set to work planning for his time in charge.

He is widely expected to spend the working week repeatedly denying that he has previously said a number of things he definitely said, before imploding in the midst of a scandal that will come to light towards the end of the week.

“Paul has shown his commitment and enthusiasm for the role by immediately getting down to the serious business of being our party leader,” a UKIP insider told us.

“While it’s unclear which controversy will eventually bring him down, he has begun drafting a powerful and rousing resignation speech that he will refine over the coming days.

“He is vehemently anti-abortion, claims climate change is a scam and believed the misleading UKIP immigration poster was ‘correct’, but we think the main issue he’ll face initially is his very public backing of NHS privatisation.

“It is certainly going to be an exciting few days!”

The move follows a recent tradition in the party of key figures resigning, with current leader Nigel Farage clocking up three separate resignations since 2009.

Mr Farage, who has failed to be elected in Westminster on seven different occasions, has ruled out returning to the role, seeing him immediately made the bookies’ favourite to be reinstated next week.

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