I won the popular vote too if you deduct the millions of people who voted for someone else, claims Trump

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Donald Trump has quite rightly pointed out that he won the popular vote in this month’s Presidential election, if you deduct the millions of people who voted for other candidates.

President-elect Trump took to Twitter to offer the nation a quick maths lesson by explaining that when you take away all the votes from people who stood against him, he won very easily.

“It was an excellent victory, the best, a total success,” he told Twitter.

“I won the popular vote by about sixty-million, if you deduct the people who voted for Hillary, Jill Stein and that other guy who thought Aleppo was an ice-cream.

“I am the best at elections, and they get even better when you only count the people who voted for me.

“Which will be my first piece of legislation as President by the way.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin weighed in on the controversy by insisting Donald Trump won the vote easily.

He told reporters, “Donald clearly won the popular vote, and you can trust me because I’ve reviewed the logs on the voting machines myself.”