Hillary Clinton to release funk album

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Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is to put the disappointment of losing the American election to a fascist demagogue behind her and release a kick-ass, old-school funk record – Slick Hillary’s Fatback Groove Platter.

The full-length album will consist of funked-up covers of classic songs by the likes of Pat Boone, NWA, and Alabama Thunderpussy as well as some self-penned numbers based on her political life including Email Server Blues, Funky Cigar, and Pantsuit Rip.

“It’s been a long cherished project of Hillary’s,” said an advisor to the former First Lady.

“Ever since she was a young firebrand lawyer in the 70s and 80s, she would unwind at the end of the day by dressing up in a low cut leather bodysuit, wearing a giant afro wig and strutting around to the Commodores’ Brick House.”

Mrs Clinton will use her contacts in the entertainment industry to put together an all-star super funk band featuring Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, husband Bill Clinton on saxophone and cousin George Clinton on backing vocals to record the album in the New Year for a summer release.

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Slick Hillary’s Fatback Groove Platter follows in a long tradition of unsuccessful Presidential candidates forays into music from ‘Rattling’ Adlai Stevenson’s 1957 skiffle classic Washboard Congress to John McCain’s career-ending black metal folly Satan Is My Master.

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